April Meeting

WSC ‘04

During the past Conference cycle, the MZF finalized specific financial guidelines. The MZF is currently in the final stages of taking over the former Mid Coast Convention”s 501c3 tax-exempt status. To this end, the forum has been renamed MZFNA Inc

This year the MZF agreed to begin funding its trusted servants to attend its meetings –when the money is available The MZF has identified a significant void in the provision of Public Information services in the Midwest and a work group has been established to determine how we can assist local service bodies with projects beyond the scope of their resources, as well as how we can most effectively train addicts in the local fellowships within our zone to provide more effective PI services.

In the spirit of this ongoing discussion the MZF thoroughly workshopped the Minnesota Region’s “Resolution A” motions at our meeting in August 2003 in Madison Wisconsin. No clear consensus has developed on this issue to date.

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