Midwest Zonal Forum elects trusted servants; usually, these positions are filled by former Regional Delegates who have experience at the MZF. Regional Delegates are selected by their regions to participate not only in the MZF, but also the World Service Conference. Because of this, the MZF consistently has a core of experienced and highly trusted servants.

The Midwest Zonal Forum was formed at the 1987 World Service Conference of Narcotics Anonymous with the intent of facilitating communication between NA regions in the Midwest.


The Midwest Zonal Forum…

  • Provides an opportunity for discussion and exchange of information on problems and issues confronting NA
  • Facilitates communication, cooperation, and growth among regions in the Midwestern United States and between the regions and NA world services
  • Helps Regional Delegates prepare for the biennial World Service Conference and learn from each other, former Delegates, and other experience trusted servants
  • Assists local NA members or communities who have questions about NA service or how to handle challenging situations
  • Conducts workshops and learning days on various topics in NA service
  • Sponsors multi-regional events with participation from NA World Services
  • Serves as a point of contact for public information requests