Creation of Trusted Servants

We created a first draft of the agenda for the MZF meeting and general guidelines for trusted servants. MZF meeting agenda: Recovery meeting, regional reports, sharing session, and old and new business.


  • Start meeting on time
  • Follow pre-established agenda
  • Clean time requirement of 5 years
  • Non-Voting
  • Non-Participant
  • Familiar with rules of order as used by MZF
  • Not currently serving as RSR/A
  • Term 1 year


  • Responsible to take minutes of the MZF meetings
  • Clean time requirement of 2 years
  • Past experience as a secretary desirable
  • Maintains mailing list
  • Voting participant
  • Term 1 year

Calendar Coordinator

  • Maintain MZF calendar (conventions, learning days, MZF meetings, etc.)
  • Clean time requirement 2 years
  • Maintains contact list of regional subcommittee chair people
  • Maintains a working relationship with secretary
  • Voting participant
  • Term 1 year
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