First Official Meeting outside of WSC

The first recorded meeting of Midwest Forum away from the WSC. The format which was agreed upon was to start with was a recovery meeting, and then have a business meeting to be moderated by a chair who would be a non-regional representative. Also, we created a formalized mailing/trusted servant list and discussed the need for a steering committee and forum meeting location rotation

Created a “Statement Of Purpose” Paper
That the attending regions in the Midwest United States formed a non-policy making body to be known as the Midwest Forum. Its purpose would be to provide participants a forum for the discussion and exchange of information on problems and issues confronting the regions of the Midwest U.S. This would be a place to network and share ideas with the focus on finding solutions.

Goals of the Midwest Forum

  1. Facilitate and coordinate inter-regional activities, such as other meetings of the Midwest Forum, Learning Days, CAR workshops, etc.
  2. Encourage and facilitate inter-regional communication to all levels of service. Sharing our common concerns and questions with the WSC.
  3. Research and explore the feasibility / desirability of Zonal formation as directed by our member fellowships.
  4. Develop and maintain a resource list of trusted servants within the Midwest Forum.(MWF) participants.
  5. Get together and act more effectively in development of regional motions for inclusion in the CAR or for action at WSC.

Membership of the Midwest Forum is open to any member of NA. Everyone is encouraged to be an active member in helping us arrive at consensus, which is our only way of decision-making. The Midwest Forum always starts with a recovery meeting to remind those present of our primary purpose.

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