Illicit Publication And Distribution Of The Basic Text

Illicit Publication And Distribution Of The Basic Text

The FIPT is clear: NA literature belongs to the Fellowship as a whole, the groups are given voice through their delegates at the WSC in any decisions regarding NA literature. NA recovery literature is copyright-protected and not available for editing. NA literature is not available for printing locally or for posting on local NA websites.

The Group Booklet is also clear that NA groups use only NA approved literature in their meetings. As a Conference, we agree that groups who choose to use unapproved NA literature (most commonly, the gray form or the baby blue) in their meetings are in conflict with the guidance in the booklet and the conscience of the Fellowship.

The NA program is one of honesty and integrity. At some point we must stand together as concerned members and insist that those who initiate and support these activities simply stop. As participants of WSC 2016, we agree that now is that time. There will likely never be unanimity on these issues, but it is our role to reflect the conscience of the Fellowship expressed at WSC 2016. We also believe this is echoed by the ongoing commitment of the NA Fellowship to the guidance offered in the FIPT.

As the service body of NA to which is delegated the responsibility of reflecting the collective voice of the NA groups, we make the following requests:

  • NA groups who are using literature in NA meetings that is not NA approved, please stop.
  • Individuals who are printing, posting, and distributing NA literature (both approved and non-approved), please stop.
  • Service committees who are posting NA recovery literature, please stop.

We ask this in the spirit of unity, and in support of our collective mission to carry the NA message to the addict who still suffers.

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